Thinking in Systems, Acting like Entrepreneurs

Discover Greater Pensacola

We hope you enjoy discovering greater Pensacola by perusing and searching our community calendar and directory. We are happy to offer these resources to our community in hopes that you will also explore our platform of services designed to support deep & focused discussions and small groups working to make greater Pensacola GREATER.

What is Docommunity Org?

Do Community is an effort to make greater Pensacola world class in every measure by encouraging our citizens to participate in deep and focused discussions that lead to forming small groups that perform community experiments from which we all can learn faster together. The best ideas are then implemented by their groups and our community partners.We have organized a business, ADCServes, LLC to facilitate this effort through the platform of services shown below.

Are you interested in learning more or participating? Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will answer all your questions or get you involved.

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